'Past' and 'future' are concepts existing in the mind. It's assumed these concepts represent something real outside of the mind; but if so, where are they? Neither the past nor the future can be directly perceived or experienced. They can only be thought about.

I can take a photo right now of a rainy afternoon and look at it tomorrow when it's sunny and say: "Look, the past is real. See? Here it is!"

But all I'm seeing is a photograph, a piece of paper with colored shapes, or maybe pixels on a computer screen. 'Yesterday' is an idea, evoked in thought by looking at the photo and now seen as an integral part of it. Or even instead of it.

Memory itself is just a trick. Its images always contain the idea that what's being seen is not from now but some other time now gone. But that's just a story, a thought, seen right now like the images themselves.

All there is is present awareness. Ideas—of mountains, tables, love, happy yesterdays—may be included in the content of present awareness, but they don't represent anything outside of it.