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Quests which encourage regressive tendencies, yet underscore inherent optimism, presage a special destiny for guests having jungle kinship, letting zigzagging xanthic cattle vendors become normal men.

Question why everyone requires that you understand. Instead observe people and systems descending from great heights justifying knowledge. Let zymotic, x-ray candy virtue be no more.

Quickened wonder eagerly resists triumphant yammering undeserved. Ignore objects. Pleasure accentuates stress developing from group hygiene, jolly kingless leadership, zen xerography, concentrated vigor -- but not mayhem.

Quit while enjoyment reigns triumphant. Yesterday unseen is our positive and sure defiance, furthering guilty hallucinations. Judgment kills love. Zestful xenogenesis creates verity, but no memory.

Quizzical weather eyes reveal troubled yearling urbanites insisting on perfect answers steadily. Don't fret: Grab hated juvenile keyboards, leave zero xylophones, create very big noises mentally.

Quixotic wonder establishes rare temerity. Youth undergoes intuitive, outgoing passion and saves death for genuine hatreds; just killing luckless zombie xerics can violate blossoming new moralities.